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2010 ~ Present
2010.04    Hidden Champion Award
2010.09    Best HRD certification
2010.12    Establishment of in-house volunteer group, "Nanumi"
2011.02    Certification of Excellent Employment
2011.05    Selected as a Gangwon IP Star Company
2011.07    Acquired CE Certification for 5 items
2011.09    Representative Director Human Resources Development
                Service Excellent Expert Certification
2011.09    Representative Director Gangwon Businessman New
                Technology Award
2011.11    Commemoration of Governor of Gangwon Province on the
                48th Trade Day
2012.02    Selected as Global Small Giant Enterprise
2012.12    Awarded the 16th Gangwon Small and Medium Business
                Grand Prize
2013.09    The 14th Small and Medium Industry Technology
                Innovation Competition, Director of Small and Medium
                Industry Award
2014.06    Representative Director INNOBIZ Gangwon, Inaugurated as
                branch president
2015.01    Establishment of a Chinese joint venture
2016.04    Register the patent for 3 blade planetary mixer
2016.11    Register the construction business,  open for mechanical
                equipment construction
2016.12    Register the patent for equipment equipped with bead
2017.04    ISO9001 quality proved management system certification
2017.05    ISO14001  environmental management system certification
2017.05    Received local economic revitalization awards certificate
2017.07    Registered patent for miximg equipment
2017.07    Registered patent for separator equipment
2018.09    Registered patent for plate
1994 ~ 2009
1994.11    Established Cheonwoo Materials
1997.07    Changed to the corporation of Cheonwoo Materials Co.,
1999.05    Development of Beads Mill
2001.06    Changed the name to NANOINTECH Co., Ltd.
2003.03    Completed expansion of Wonju factory
2003.09    Strategic task of SME technology development
2005.02    Acquired a certificate of clean workplace, Minister of
2006.06    Acquired ISO certification (QSC350)
2006.06    S mark certified (Korea Occupational Safety & Health
2006.06    Performed the technical innovation development project of
2007.01    Technology Innovation SME (joined INNOBIZ)
2007.09    Selected as a parts and material specialized company
2008.01    Signed contract with Japan for machine sales agent
2008.04    Started to export horizontal Bead Mill (Japan)
2009.07    Started to export horizontal Bead Mill (China)
HQ and factory  :  Palpo-gil 56, Heungup-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do|Tel. +82-33-735-4061|Fax. +82-33-735-4067
Sales department  :  Tel. +82-33-735-4151|Fax. +82-33-734-4068
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